HiI am looking for someone preferably

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02/04/2016 - 11:43

HiI am looking for someone preferably based in Le Marche with an understanding of web software and hosting to upload my new website using FTP to an English hosting company. The website is ready to be uploaded and I use an English web site hosting company. I always find the uploading of a website using FTP a nightmare. An English speaking specialist would help especially with the technical jargon.



Well not too sure why you should have to wait, but maybe the company you are using have some control over this. If it's hired server space, then the structure should allow you to upload and see the results immediately. It is a while since I worked, let alone using FTP. I realised after I'd posted that things had moved on a long way from when I first started working in this area. I',m sure there is free FTP software out there now that makes it very easy to up and download. When I started it was all via a UNIX command line, now with a device window one side and server the other you can simply drag and drop. I'm sure something like Filezilla will still be around ....

Hi thereSorry for the delay in replying - your reply gave me the confidence to look at the situation again. I have managed to upload the website via FTP (Filezilla) and had a few problems with the hosting company but they managed to tweak it and it all seems to work.Thanks again.

Exactly - I upload via ftp and can immediately see changes.  Do you use Filezilla or an ftp engine to upload, or is it integral to your webdesign software?   It sounds to me that its your ISP provider who makes you wait - and this may be because its free andthey want you to pay for a premium service or its riding on the back of another provider.. 

HiThanks for your reply and apologise for the delay in replying. I have used Filezilla and after a few problems with the hosting company everything seems to work okay. Although, its a paid hosting I think the emphasis is on customers who use their own web building sites but they did resolve the problem in the end.Thanks again