Can anyone recommend a radio station

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11/30/2015 - 08:39

Can anyone recommend a radio station Rai or other for language listening practice? Thanks


Maybe Radio MARIA?When driving I've often become fed up with the trashy pop stations.  Radio Maria is a Catholic broadcasting station on I think FM 104.3 - usually there's a calming Catholic priest with an anxious penitent dialling in but generally they speak quite slowly and good for some language practice.  Good on love and devotion. Not as good on domestic building works or car hire. 

you can google italian online radio stations and access different websites.  I listen to Italian radio stations on  I am a Canadian currently on holidays in Cancun, Mexico.  I brought my I-Pad and a speaker so that I can practice my Italian by listening to radio stations.  I enjoy listening to RAI Italia. On the website there are also 100 links to italian stations posted by genre so there is plenty of choice there.

In my opinion you should follow news on Tv (RaiNews24) because while you listen, you can see how journalists' pronounce. It depends also on your level, if you are a beginner it would be a little frustrating listening to radio or watching a film without Italian subtitles. The best choice is news on Tv.

Thank you very much, I am working at B1 intermediate level so can follow a fair bit. TV is good especially nature-geography documentaries, and trashy shows like Heredità are surprisingly helpful, especially for vocabulary. I am abit more hit and miss with drama and news but the more listening I can get the better, Thanks for your help. 

Hi! Radio Dj is probably one of the most followed radio station in Italy. if you like to practice Italian by listening to songs, you can also check my free to use blog: Under the section "Cantiamo Italiano" you can find a big selection of Italian songs, updated weekly. You will find the video as well as the lyrics so that you can easily follow the song, learn it and practice your italian!cheers