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IMU... TASI... TARES... IUC... I am lost with knowing what tax I need to pay on my seconda casa. Reading the comune website does not help me much. Any help appreciated. 



YOu will pay IMU and TASI on the house and land (except if you live in the mountains where land is exempt).  You will pay TARI for your rubbish but get a bill from the comune. So you should have paid IMU and TASI on the house by 16 December last, your IMU on land if applicabel and not already paid is due by 10 Februray.  The next rate of IMU/TASI is due on 16 June.  

If you are less than a month overdue its 3%, more than a month it goes up to 3.75% and then incrementally more depending on the time.  After a couple of yearrs the comune will go to the cartella esatoriale and that will mean fines and admin costs of about 50% . 

Avvocatolecce - I would hope it did not come to needing to contact a lawyer! I am happy to pay my taxes but with the confusion about changes in taxation that I have read in the newspaper I have become somewhat lost. Where my house (seconda casa) is the comune is tiny and disorganised. When I went to speak to them about paying the rubbish tax they said they were four years behind, that my foreign postcode (where I am resident) would not fit in the boxes on their form and therefore they had no idea what to do with me. I insisted I give them my details but wondered if this ended up in the wastebin after I left the room. 

Why would I?  And if I wanted to, would I contact an someone who thought advertising on a thread about IMU ona forum for expact would bring in some trade?  Personally i would NEVER contact a spammer whether avvocato o not.  I hope sincerely you think very carefully before ruining your reputation further with another pointless post. 

When I moved to Italy 20 years ago, an Italian friend told me that most Italians rely on professionals for these matters. My IMU is calculated by a geometra (in English, surveyor). This service is not expensive and eliminates the headache of calculating the IMU twice a year (laws change frequently and expert advice is useful). For taxes in general, an accountant  is needed. There are also Sindicati (unions) in every town that provide free advice on such matters, sometimes charging a small fee for signing up with the sindicato. But the sindicati are often crowded, while private professionals are quick, efficient and quite worth the money. If one is fluent in Italian, the Comune's information service can probably help in many cases. Obviously some Comunes are more efficient than others....

We are in the same position unfortunately we know there are online calculators but it's knowing the property code and the value of the property, I can't find it in English,or how to work it out.we were charged €600 plus €60 by one agent twice a year but we swopped because we had building problems but now the tax payment has gone up to €880 plus €120 plus IVA twice a year because the accountant is double and they say the tax nearly doubled.  However the Commume Appears to require just the original payment of €660 when I asked for a receipt.  I just don't know what is going on and how to get help.does anyone know what the tax calculation is for second homes for Bagni Di Lucca and rubbish tax or a Geometra who could help without having to pay €250 plus IVA per year to the accountant?  It is just IMU and TASI.thanks 

Yes, use the calculators available... You need to know the rendita value(s) which would be on your paper work from the final act. It is really not difficult to calculate, but it is a shame if your comune is not one of those preapared to help, however I guess it's not their job. Try this site for the calculation, come back if there are any parts you don't know. If by any chance it's the aliquota rate you are missing, then I'm sure they have to by law publish these centrally now, your comune site should have a link to the relevant documents. As an aside, I'm sure you should also be paying rubbish tax (if not doing so already).

Well .............................. Rubbish Tax - I went into my Comune and they now email me the rubbish tax bill, along with the bank details for paying it from the UK.  I pay with a simple bank transfer from my UK account IMU/TASI etc - I use the calculators [I see that there is one on your Comune website], then print out the payment form.  I sign it, scan it, and email it to my Italian Bank, who pay it for me, from my account there

That sounds brilliant but how do you work out the calculations?Tipologia Immobile?Rendita Catastale?Aliquota? Aliquota AccontoPartineze C02, C06  C07  - is this garage, groundsits all on the webpage of the Commune but I don't know what it is they want nor is my house an A2 and where do you put second home?  I've been learning Italian but not enough yet for this.  Any help would be so greatly appreciated! Thank you. 

When we first went to the finance dept at the commune, the calculation was done for us twice a year and we took it to the ufficio postale to pay. A bit tricky sometimes if we were not in Italy July and Dec. Now we have a brilliant arrangement. I email the fu=inance director at the commune and she emails me the F24 duly completed. I email this to the bank in Italy and it gets paid. All I have to do when we next go is call in to the bank to sign for the transactio

Well I'm sure there are others here that can help you more, but 1st of all have you dug out your original documentation from when you bought - in effect the equivalent to deeds for the house you bought. Do you have a Visura? I know little about any of this, but it's not difficult to work out if you start with these documents. You should have certainly had documentation telling you what you were buying, you are looking for items mentioned like "Foglio" and "Particella", this is I believe the "page" (Foglio) your land appears on and parts (Particella) of land you own, very important. Each will have a rendita value and type (Tipo) of land/building. Each year a rate is set (aliquota) on which the calculation is made, it's complex, don't think you should go there... the calculator handles it. You normally pay in two parts, one on account (acconto) so they get a chance to sting you for more later .. I'm sure others here will jump in and correct me or add to this, but in the meantime dig out your documentation...Tipologia ImmobileTipologia ImmobileTipologia Immobile)

Thank you so much LargeLewis - I've spent hours on the Internet looking and trying to find the rate of the tax every 6 months.hopefully this will give me a fighting chance and the will to learn more Italian.  I wish there was an English translation somewhere.  However I don't think I will need it now.  Thank you.

It is really easy to do yourself, I have done mine since day 1, had it checked the first time, and no problems since.  Trouble is, whilst my Comune provides a link on their web page, it is for 2013 as I have just discovered!  I use this site..... you have done the calculation, you can then produce the F24 payment slips by filling in your relevant information...  name, Codice Fisciale etc.

Thanks Maggiis the calculation for 6 months or a year? Seems easy with this calculator.  When it's done how do you pay so that the form goes with it from overseas?  I can see there's an international payment but how does the F24 go with it?  Sorry seems stupid, if only we could send a cheque and forms, much easier.thanksBarbara blush

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Hi Barbara...  I was able to save/print out all the F24s...  I.e. the six-month June one, the 6-month December one, and the one for the whole year, which I assume should be paid in June.  I just pay mine at the local Post Office in Italy, as I am in Italy usually at these times or thereabouts.  Others I am sure, will advise on how to pay when you are out of the country.

Thanks MaggiWe are out there soon and it may be worth trying to pay for the whole year, but I'm told it will be December time only for this.  We have an Italian bank account but no idea how to pay this online indecision.  The Post Office seems the easiest option and if we can do it ourselves so much the better.  Such a huge learning curve.  Thank you again.bye, Babs.

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Well, I have learnt something from you!  I did not realise that you could pay the lot in December!  That way I guess, they can make the most of any 'increases' in between time!If it is a second home, then you will have to find out the correct percentage you must pay from the Comune.  This site's IMU Aliquota defaults to 7. something %, whereas my Comune charges as much as it can, the maximum possible of 10.60%, with the TASI Aliquota at 1%.Tipologia immobile is the type of property, and in my case it is a second home, so it comes under Altri immobile, A, CO2, CO6, CO7 etcRendita Catastale is basically the rateable value, which you can work out quite easily, forgotton how now, but you can google it or obtain it from the Agenzia Entrate for your area.Glad to have been of help.

Thank you, so wish it was easier.  The Deeds had one value and after all the kind help on this site, we obtained the Visura which showed the values had nearly doubled!  It was uninhabitable when we purchased it and we've spent thousands making it better only to find this increase is making us pretty skint twice a year.  The only upside is that we may get to visit more and we like the area and Italy so all is not lost. smiley

If you buy a ruin and then do it up, add a pool and so on - then tthe recalculation is bound to show that .- itis after all, the theoretical rental value of your home.  When you do work your tecnico is legally bound to have the house reaccastato to reflect its new value.  

Does any one know in terms of the IMU charges, who qualifies as a relative and if that person has to become a resident? My parents lived in my house in 2013 but had to go to the UK every 2-3 months for medical reasons. They are both Europeans and had no reason to become residents. The commune has charged me for an unoccupied empty house and I need to make clear to them that the contrary was so. Any one out there better informed that me? Thanks so much for any helps. Cheers