What are the best places and hotels in

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06/14/2016 - 02:01

What are the best places and hotels in italy?



Italy is just the most beautiful country in the world and it has it all - lovely beaches, mountains, lakes, historic cities, wonderful architecture, history, regional food each better than the last, culture....... The list just goes on.

You have the splendour of the Foro and Colosseo in Rome, the beauty of Venice, the dramatic cliffs of the Amalfi coasts, rolling hills in Tuscany. You cannot go wrong with Italy.

Maybe read up on an area that you would like to spend some time in and see what local hotels are available. Again you don't have to spend money in a 5 star to enjoy the Italy experience, there are some family run 3 star hotels that may for a great stay.

I'm biased obviously and love the Italian lakes - if you'd like some hotel recommendations for Como just let me know

I would definetely recommend the Val Passiria Hotel "Stroblhof". You can get excitement and wellness in one and its an extremely friendly host family at the Stroblhof hotel St. Leonhard.Ill leave a link below. check it out and enjoy.http://www.stroblhof.com/en/hu4/hotel-in-south-tyrol.html