Hi AllWe are moving to Italy as non

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09/03/2016 - 05:15

Hi AllWe are moving to Italy as non residents,we will be travelling back and fourth constantly.Do we still need codice fiscal ?we want to get mobile phones and buy a car, and eventually buy a housekindest regardsRik



Well as indicated/stated you cannot buy a car here. A house yes and as to tax, well that depends on how long you will be in the country. I would suggest you look at old post on here and other forums on the benefits, or not, of residency. For an EU citizen, stay here 3 month and you legally should apply to be resident. Think what you will find is what you thought was straightforward is indeed not - sorry...On the bright side it’s a wonderful place to live smiley

Hi RikiB,Phone: you can get a pay and go type sim which has monthly deals etc. All you need for this is your ID (PASSPORT or DRIVERS LIC). Doesn't have to be Italian ID. In small towns they might try and tell you that you need CODICE FISCALE but you don't.For purchasing goods etc, car, property and even when someone needs to invoice you for doing some work they need the CODICE FISCLAE. Go to the Agenzia delle Entrate FOR MORE INFO. They have sections in Englishwww1.agenziaentrate.gov.it/english/ Good Luck!!!

ATTENTION - for buy car , need residence - if you live 50% of your life at iIaly , and do not need to have job .  i advise you . of to ask a Residenza Elettiva . more info to my website >  http://www.lifeinitaly.it/Inglese/italyresidenceguide.htm

Hi Ugo, Residenza Elettiva- this is for non EU passport holders- is that correct?Therefore if UK leave EU and give up the freedom of movement rights, I assume that this will be available to UK passport holders?

italprogetti , if i place a link and you DO NOT OPEN the page link , You make you ask questions meaningless, the page is clearly distinguished the eu citizens and non-eu citizens .... Uk , are EU citizens ... Yet for some years .. 

yes i linked through... but the link is broken, it opens up to a page of poliziahence the reason for asking the first question on whether this(residenza elettiva) is applicable to UK citizens.the question regarding the EU vote was just  hypothetical - I was just meaninglessly curious