Hi there, I have dual Italian /

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Hi there, I have dual Italian / Australian citizenship (born in Australia, have never lived in Italy) and currently live in the UK. I'm looking to move to Italy but in order to receive a transfer for my current job I need to instantly prove that I'm a 'resident' of Italy upon moving. How do I go about doing this as an Italian citizen? Is it the same process as it is for EU nationals or is there another method to do this?Many thanks!



to have  Italian Residence , for job use , FIRSTLY necessity  job contract , issued by your's  Employer - Not the contrary -  Go to the following web-link , and follow  the procedure  http://vistoperitalia.esteri.it/home/en

Being an Italian citizen, you have residency automatically granted. All what you have to do is to go to the Anagrafe department at the Municipality where you will be residing and change your registration from the AIRE where you are currently registered to the local Anagrafe's registry. You will need your Italian documents. Here is the information http://www.esteri.it/mae/en/italiani_nel_mondo/serviziconsolari/aire.html

UGo, he HOLDS dual nationality, both Australian and Italian, which s acceptable to both Australia and Italy. Whether he has lived in Italy or not is irrelevant. According to what he says, he is an Italian citizen and, consequently, has every right an Italian citizen has, including living in his own country. 

Gala .. Surely you're a terrific cook ... in turning omelettes on the fly, but you have written .. <And change your registration from the AIRE where you are currently registered to the Registry's local registry.> if him do not live already in Italy , but have double citizens , maybe for jure sanguinis , to receive italian residency for WORK - him  must be within the law of IMMIGRATION FLUSSI  , have a work contract in Italy and a request to stay on business, duly filed with the competent prefecture for the area - I strongly advise against giving information that have not been checked in advance with the competent offices in Italy - which I have done previously, before writing ... 

Ugo, sorry, but you seem to be unable to understand the difference between immigration, residency and citizenship and you are confusing the initiator of this thread. Read the instructions from Foreign Affairs (Farnesina) that I quoted. There is an Italian version if you need it. An Italian citizen does not need a residency visa or a work permit to live or reside in his/her own country.ANd your chauvinistic comments are not welcome.

Ok Gala .. sicuramente tu puoi scrivere quello che vuoi , sostenendo il contrario di quello che scrivi ed  anche legiferare in Italia come ti aggrada -Anzi , ti mettiamo al posto di Renzi  ( tanto in italia i cittadini non eleggono  più nessuno )Pero' io sono italiano , nato in Italia e la mia prima lingua e' la lingua italiana nel TUO LINK è scritto Registry of Italians Resident Abroad (A.I.R.E.)AIRE significa > Anagrafe Italiani Residenti all Estero   -  

Hi.Couple of questions:1. Have you informed the Iitalian consulate(government) in London (OR OTHERS IN UK) that you are resident in UK?2. Do you have a codice fiscale? They should of sent you yours when you were in Australia.If you have the above in order its quite straightforward provided you have an actual address in ITALY to register. Maybe some family members address who could put you up?

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Thanks for taking the time to reply everyone.In response to the above: 1. Yes, AIRE are aware I'm resident in the UK2. Not sure what this is, could someone please explain or link me to a description and how/where I can get one? Cheers

THIS IS JUST A SUGGESTION. NOT ADVICE!! if they are willing to put you up as a resident at their home. change your address at consulate informing them that you are moving there.when you get to Italy and find a new residence(sign a tenancy agreemnt etc) then you can just change your residency from their place to yoursremember you will need to get your codice fiscale to do most things in ItalyI'm no expert but this is the simplest way if its possible for your circumstances.Obviously not knowing your work contract/transfer requirements in detail this is the best I can suggest.  

Italyprogetti is is asking correct questions. Ohmydays, I am guessing here, but I imagine that you obtained Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis in Australia. At that time, the relevant Italian Consulate would have registered you in their AIRE. I do not know whether you changed your registration when you moved to the UK. In any case, it is not a major problem. The Anagrafe of the local Municipality where you will reside and register will inform the relevant Consulate. As an Italian citizen you have the right to live and work in your country, as any other citizen, whether they were born there or acquired thebItalian Citizenship through Jure Sanguinis. Registration with the local Anagrafe will also allow you to obtain an Italian ID Card. If you do not have it already, you will need a Codice Fiscale, as suggested by Italyprogetti. You may already have it. Do you have an Italian passport?Ugo, I am not entering an argument with you. It is an exercise in futility. But do try not to confuse other members. 

Glad to help. The Italian Consulate in London can issue your Codice FIscale, which is absolutely necessary to do almost anything in Italy. And, although they prefer if you can give them an address in Italy, it is possible to do it anyway. Have a look at their Web page on the matter http://www.conslondra.esteri.it/consolato_londra/en/la_comunicazione/domande_frequenti/faq-codice-fiscale.htmli can remember that we did not have an Italian address when we applied for ours. Good luck with your plans! smiley