We pay our electricity bill through the

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We pay our electricity bill through the bank every two months. For the last 2 payments the charge has been 2-3 times more than normal. I have been searching for an email address for Enel to ask them but with no success. Someone suggested that the charge was due to the government claiming revenue for the TV license. Has anyone any thoughts on this matter?



As many people in Italy have not paid for their TV Licence. The Government decided to add it to the ENEL Bills. Think it was 80 Euros in July and then an extra fee later in the year. It should state this on the ENEL bill (mine did). Think some of the following year will be in installments

If you have paid the TV Licence separately there is a form to opt out which you need to complete with proof. Some info below (in English) from ENEL
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Thank you for this information. What is the name of the item on the bill?Also do you have a way of contacting Enel customer services? I have searched the website for an email address without success. I resorted to telephoning them but my Italian is not good enough and they do not speak English.

Firstly the billing system for many utility companies run a few months behind.  For example looking at one of my bills for last year - the May June consumption was only billed at the end of August and collected on direct debit in September.  So your higher recent bills could relate to summer months that you occupied the house.Secondly the TV licence is being collected via the electricity bill .  On the summary page of your bill it will refer to it as Totale Addebiti fuori fattura.  In the detailed section under Altri addebiti it will refer to Canone abbonamento telev-uso privato.Hope this helps.  

If you look through old posts on this site I think you will find there is no way to contact ENEL by email... As stated by clombardelli look for the word "canone". I doubt it would  help contacting ENEL as they probably have little control over what the government here ave asked them to do. If you don't have a TV, look at the links where you can find how to stop paying. I'm really surprised to find anyone that does not know about this as we've been paying since July last year...?

Strangely enough, my last ENEL bill was high (and the electricity consumption was zero for the 2 months!)Some of it was the TV Licence Part which is being taken out in bi-monthly installments of 20 EurosThe other part was high transmission and maintence charges for the supply which we have not been charged for previously. Seems we have a new Supplier 'Servizio Electrico Nationale' where ENEL have changed names on the bill. Maybe that is why the bills are higher 

Not a new supplier, just a change of name for the group from ENEL to Servizio Elettrico Nazionale. The part of the company we are with is still Servizio di Maggior Tutela. Yes, standard charges went up quite a bit from Jan17, but the cost per unit came down. Obviously this will hit hardest those who use little electricity. Without the charge for the TV, €18 for us for 2 months i.e. €9/month, our recent bill (came yesterday) is actually less that the same bill at this time last year. I need to compare the units to see if this is usage or price change.

Hi,I am in the same situation. I knew about the TV licence bit (although as I am on a non-resident tariff and don't have a TV I didn't think I had to pay it) but also ENEL now seem to be adding an extra €11.25 per month for "Spesa per Oneri di Sistema" that was never there before.  My bimonthly bill has now gone from €25 to €70 even when I am not there at all! Has anyone else experienced this - what is it for and can it be avoided?My house is in Tuscany - has anybody experienced switching to Enegan for a holiday home?ThanksSimom

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It’s a standing charge (part of) and likely they have like they did for us, changed the name/wording. It did jump a great deal in January this year, but I believe, again like ours, that the unit cost dropped. As for the tv licence you have to fill a form in to get out of paying, this is every year I think.

Like many others I have maintained a bank account with BNL Bank for the past ten years, solely for the payment of Enel bills by direct debit to ensure continuation of supply, as we are non residents. The bank did not pay the bills in March April, although there were sufficient funds in the account. The bill was then forwarded by Enel to the lady we employ to manage our other bills. She paid it for us. I was in Italy in early May and  visited the bank to see what was going on. They told me that I needed to update the details on my account as everything had expired....I spent an hour being interviewed by a bank employee and had to update all my details. So far, so good. I was then told to go to the local Enel office to set up the direct debit. On arrival in the Enel office I was surprised to find another unpaid bill, which they insisted had to be paid before they could do anything. I galloped off to the Post Office, paid the bill, and then galloped back to the Enel office waving my receipt. The Enel official then took all my details - Codice Fiscale, passport details, bank details, everything he needed to set up the Direct Debit. A friend of mine is visiting Italy at the moment. She has an account in the same bank. She visited the bank this week, with an interpreter. She says she was told that Italian banks are no longer paying non resident Enel bills, that they are not accepting direct debits submitted by Enel for the payment of these bills. If this is true, I cannot understand why the bank official I dealt with three weeks ago did not say anything to me.Can anybody shed any light on this? If the bank will not pay the electricity bill it will make life very difficult indeed. Bank charges are high, but we always felt it was worth it for the peace of mind.Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the reply. I do have a Paypal account, fortunately. Do I need to inform Enel on their website that this will be my new method of payment?Does this mean that bank accounts for non residents are now largely redundant? We may as well close our account if the bank won't pay our electricity bills for us. Only in Italy!Regarding the TV licence fee, I read somewhere that the fee will not be added to non resident electricity accounts, but if you have a TV you are still obliged to buy a licence for yourself.The bills this year have included charges for trasporto e la gestione del contatore, for Oneri di Sistema, amongst other things. The bills have doubled, even though we have not used any electricity at all.Thanks again.

I closed my Italian Bank account some years ago as it was costing money . I just use paypal for my Electric bill and all other bills I pay with cash at the post office ..sometimes late as I am not always around when the bills arrive . My council tax I leave with a lady (accountant?  ) she works the amount out and pays it for me for a small fee.

How frustrating not to be able to have a simple bill which has number of units x a rate plus clear standing charges. How can you compare with other providers without this information. I've spoken to various locals who also admit to not being able to understand their bill

Hi All hoping someone can also give me any advice/guidance we have been at the end of the barclays to che banca debacle this is where they changed all the direct debits and didnt tell us hence ENEL cutting us off in the middele of summer! nightmare anyway we managed to get re-connected however the lady that used to assist has moved to spain! to cut a very long story short we are now withe Servizio Elettrico Nazionale and I am lost as to how to pay the bill Che banca are not sending the new bank details over and as per another person posting I'm not paying for the service as its shokcing. Can any one assist in letting me know how i can if can pay without an italian bank account? iT mentions paypal I have a paypal account but cant see where I set this up any help much appreciated as I am pulling my hair out!

Hi Little Sparrow I click on the payments on the SEN page but then I'm taken to a landing page that just asks for my email and password again which I enter but then it states that i am already logged into the service and do I want to recover my password I dont see a pay pal box?

We wrote a letter to ENEL as it was back then (now SEN) and asked to pay it by direct debit from our Italian Bank account.  They then sent us a direct debit form, which we completed with our bank IBAN details and they set it all up and now it get pays automatically every 2 monthsWe get a text and email when the bill is due and they send an email copy of the bill out or we can log on and view it on their website. Hard bit is setting it all up.  Think you have to log in and select payment method if you want to pay by paypal.You can always take the bill to the post office, Tobaccanist or some shops and pay there (be preparted to queue though)