I am due to register as a resident in

05/09/2017 - 06:24

I am due to register as a resident in Italy next month.I am from the UK and I understand that I need Private Health Cover. Can anyone recommend a low cost solution?Is it better to get the cover from Italy or UK?Can the cover be cancelled once the local Commune have seen the documents?



Has the Comune said they want to see health cover? They should, but some don't. Some will insist on the type of cover acceptable, so if from the UK they almost certainly would want it trnslated. I could not really comment on the idea of it being cancelled once the Comune have seen it! However there is a learning curve about cancelling anything here in Italy - be warned ... There has been many a post here and on other forums about such cover here in Italy, it's worth a search "health cover Italy". I'll see if I can dig anything out for you from another forum if I can recall which it was... Exciting time for you - enjoy!

we use Groupama Assicurazioni S.p.a. Telephone number : 0039 0274 204274 Costs about E300 per person, we purchased it through a local insurance broker in Le Marche, and the Comune were more than happy with it and we renew it each year - and have never had the need to use it !

When we applied for Residency, we just took out annual travel insurance  (which included health cover) with Ryanair (I think) and also took our E111 cards,  but the Comune didn't ask to see it and were not interested in seeing the documentsGood Luck!