Hi there, I got one question: We (

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Hi there, I got one question: We (couple with small kid) are thinking of moving to Italy. We are self-employed (film and music) and need to travel lots, so a quiet place close to a bigger city with an airport would be fab. A lake or sea close by, too. But in the same time it should be a good place for a child to grow up (she'd go to primary school by then) and not too dead or depressed (as little towns sometimes can be). So anyone has got an idea where we'd find a place with open-minded and cultivated spirits close to a city and water? I know, lots of criterias, that's why we need some help where to start searching. Thanks a lot!!! 



hI,I live in Lunigiana and many other people I know move from abroad to here with the entire family,so you if you are interested in the area, which is really lovely, I can only suggest you googling and find out if you like it.I am attaching also my link so maybe you will find it helpful and if you need more information regarding houses here and how to move just text me.Good luckJohnny https://www.lunigianabuilders.com/home-finder-property-management

You mention that you visited the Colli Albani /Castelli Romani for a day - we live amongst olive groves near Lanuvio but I believe many expats go for Grottaferrata or Frascati and I understand there is an international school there.  Only half and hour to Ciampino airport and 45 mins to Fiumicino and we sometimes pop into Rome for lunch or when we have visitors, otherwise we have everything we need locally. Highly recommend the area. Lake Albano has water sports, Lake Nemi is just beautiful. 

The northern Lakes (Como, Maggiore, Orta, Iseo) are all spectacualrly beautiful with great towns and communities and all with easy access to Milan and Malpensa (international AIrport), Bergamo (Ryanair airport) and Linate (traditional city airport).The best of luck, and enjoy your search / journey.

We moved back to Italy after 15 years in London. We are as well a young family with two boys.We live in Le Marche Region, Ancona, and we are very happy to be  here.I know Ancona is not a big city but Rome and Milan are  3 hours away with a high speed train. Life is great, school are great, the city is not very big but at the same time you can do a lot of activities. Ancona has also an international aerport and you can reach London and other European destinations easily. Beaches are amazing, and the view of Mt.Conero are breath taking. Some popular sports are windsurfing, cycling, horseriding and there also is a 18 hole golf club.The quality of life in The Marche is very high although the price of life is still low.If you need more info please let me know and I will happy to help.Good luck Francescainfo@fbitalianproperties.com

Hi  Well I think you would love Santa Margherita Ligure in the province of Genoa.  The airport in Genoa is 30 minutes away and it is a town next to the sea and has the alps as a backdrop. I am canadian italian living in canada and return to this town every year.

HiI know the weather is excellent 12 months a year. Mild winters. Was there in November and people were still swimming in the sea. I dont really know what else you want as information. The school system is excellent as my sister went to school. Not many tourist come there . If you could let me know exactly what else you are interested about I could give you info. You also need to decide what area or province you would like to move to. The south north east or west of italy. It is all beautiful. Milan is 2 hours away.

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Thanks for trying to help! I lived in Rome once and as I'm in film it might not be bad if that would be the closest city nearby. There's bracciano for example but don't know the area apart from the castelli romani that I visited once for a day many years ago. I also heard of Bologna not being bad for film. But that's not the main critera as I will continue to work for the film industry abroad mainly.

Think about what you are asking here and then what kind of answers you already have and/or expect to get. Without someone knowing exactly what type of people you are, your likes and dislikes, it is hard to imagine you will get more than a few ideas (which of course may help). I suspect you have a good idea exactly what you are looking for, but would suggest that may change if you lived here all the time. I know you have said you have lived in Rome, but for how long, how did you find it and most of all I guess without being a parent… I know little about Rome, but know I would not like living in a city. However it does sound like it suits your requirements mentioned so far. Perhaps a look on Google maps for areas around Rome by the sea or lake based around how far you are prepared to commute for travel. Genoa does sound and look ideal, but I would be looking at what flights the airport has if travel is important. The likes of Ancona and our very own “city” Pescara are small provincial airports and like many others, unless you are prepared to hop on multiple flights, will not be suitable.

Thanks and yes it's just about getting more ideas than the ones I already have. I know that we have to find the place ourselves but as I better know Italian cities and islands than villages it might be that someone shuots out: Village x is really great for your sort of interests, check it out. Who knows. It's only a question.

You might have a look at Fivizzano and environs in Lunigiana. It is 30-40 minutes from the autostrada at Aulla on a well maintained “highway.”  About 1.5 hour drive from Pisa airport. It is a fortress city, historical, good medical facilities including a hospital, etc., a train depot in another village a few miles away, good bus service, a number of restaurants, bars, including Elvetica which hosts the English book library, Oxfam English library and store, active Expat community, small “supermarket,” gas station, a pharmacy, bank, and a number of small shops. An ideal location for someone who wants to be out of the tourist traffic, yet not too far from "civilization."  Had we been able to find a suitable property when we were looking, we would have bought in Fivizzano. They also have an extensive market in the square every Tuesday, I think.  There is a wide range of properties; from city apts. to town houses, to detached houses with small land areas just outside town, and some estate type properties with vineyards, boscos, etc. in the general area.  Check out properties at Lunigiana2000.comIt is just below the mountain range that has a fairly good ski resort. Not sure of winter snowfall ,in town, if any, or temps. Maybe someone from there might weigh in on that subject.Good luck, 

Hi and sorry if I am LateAnyway, as Fred says, Fivizzano is wonderful and full of history too.The place is an Hour by Genova or Pisa so for the airport is ok, I would recommend Pontremoli or Bagnone too( I love those places you should google it).The are is close to the sea as well, Lerici, Portovenere and Le 5 Terre.Anything else just let me know and see if I can helpJohhnyhttps://www.lunigianabuilders.com/

Johnny M.,thanks for the reminder regarding Fivizzano’s proximity to beach areas. After 35+ years living on the California coast and in Hawaii, one tends to forget the attraction of the “beach scene” to the general populace. Last year we had visitors from the US who spent the first week taking the train daily from Aulla to Monterosso so they could swim in the Med, etc.Fred

Hi we have a property to sell overlooking Lago Trasimeno , 30 mins from airport in. Perugia , great safe area for kids to grow up , easy access to all area s