I will be graduating high school in May

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03/21/2018 - 20:09

I will be graduating high school in May of 2018. I'd like to come to Italy to live for a period of time. I don't intend to go to school full-time but I'd like to take some language classes and perhaps work. I'm interested in the Florence region. Any suggestions?



If you are not from an UE country you will need a Schengen visa and then apply for a permesso di soggiorno when you are here -    If you European Union then you can just come and look for work as long as you sort out your residency after 3 months. 

Hello Catrina,If you come to Italy, you will need to visit Tuscany! It's an amazing area wih a lot of attractions, good food and wine, and very nice people! :-)There are a lot of cities you can visit there: Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Siena, etc.People don't have a strong accent in Tuscany, so if you have never studied Italian, it will be easier for you.If you want to learn a bit of Italian before coming to Italy, you can learn Italian online with me (https://myitalianlessons.co.uk/italian-lessons-skype/). I also collaborate with a school in Siena. If you want more information about the school, please let me know.In bocca al lupo! (Good luck!)Valeria 

I suggest you a homestay language vacation in Bergamo, a beautiful medieval village and in Lake Como to be fully immersed into the Italian language and culture
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Italian is actually not that hard to learn. I have been living here for more than 2 years and it was very easy to learn the local language with its traditions