We have a farmhouse in Le Marche (Fermo

04/02/2018 - 15:42

We have a farmhouse in Le Marche (Fermo) and want to change some elements of the swimming pool - new lining, new stairs, new tiles surrounding it and a new filtrage system which means creating a new technical area. Do we need a building permit or not for work on an existing pool? I realise we have to involve a geometra to apply for a permit and the lower tax rate of 10%, but I don't know that we want him involved! He also says that if we change our entrance steps (into the pool) from rounded to squared off, we have to change the cadastral plan and pay him more! Really, it seems so Big Brother! Who cares about the stairs into the pool except us?? I get that you need a building permit for dramatic changes to a house, but the geometra says whenever you have workmen at a property you need one. Seems madness to me. Help! 



For you maybe is a madness , but try to tink : one of your guests slides on the steps of the pool, and it hurts very much, the steps are not built according to the building regulations in force = the insurance will not pay....

Dear Claudia, the works you are planning to do are not very clear. You write about "creating a technical area", if this means a new building then you definitely need a geometra who will put in place the building permit at the comune and add the new building to the cadastral plan. As a matter of fact, when building in Italy two offices are involved: the comune that will release the building permit and the land registry (catasto) who will apply taxes.Anyway, I have some very close friends living in Fermo and if you contact me at greta@gretaphlix.com I can arrange a local trustworthy geometra for you to help you out. 

Thanks very much Greta. In fact, the work is underway. We did get a geometra we have used before - when we built a terrace - in the end, more to get the lower tax rate than anything else. The work on the existing pool does not involve building any structure, the pump/filter system will go in a technical area in a hole in the ground. The cadastral footprint is unchanged. I suppose my attitude was shaped by the fact that I trusted the workmen and the pool company to do the work well without needing an extra person involved. The works really are cosmetic and practical rather than radical. I appreciate your offer of help though, thank you again.