Used car puchase. So, I have read and

05/27/2018 - 11:08

Used car puchase. So, I have read and trawled extensively and it seems clear (albeit pretty unreasonable) that unless you have a residence permit you need to get someone else (who has one) to "own" the vehicle for you. What is less clear is the actual process for transferring ownership. I believe it is necessary for a notaio to draw up the bill of sale, but is it absolutely necessary for both vendor and purchaser to be present simultaneously in the room with the notaio? And is the first step in the process, assuming that the vendor has all the necessary paperwork?  Many thanks for any advice



How was this done? I have a vintage car (being restored here) and an apartment in Bologna. I would like to leave the car here and register it when it is finished. I am neither an Italian resident nor an EU citizen (am Canadian).  Not to hijack the thread, but any ideas? Was thinking of getting a long term residency visa, but still spend most of the year working outside of Italy. 

Buying a car is impossibleThis is just to report that despite a concerted atempt to explore every possible avenue, it is imposible to buy a car in Italy if you do not have residency. It is the case that this was briefly possible some years ago, but the law has changed (again). Extremely irritating that you can buy a house but not a car - but such is life in la bella Italia.

Buying a car.

I last posted about this 3 years ago, and this is just to check (more in hope than expectation) that nothing has changed in the last few years . Has anyone succeeded in buying a car despite being non-resident? Thanks