Hi there!Please would anyone be able to

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06/17/2018 - 11:39

Hi there!Please would anyone be able to recommend a reputable solicitor based either in the UK or Italy (must be English speaking) to help us with the purchase of a property in Italy?  I know that not everyone feels that a solicitor is necessary, but the process seems complex and I'm not sure that we even know the right questions to ask!  Many thanks!



Hi, I think what you need is an Italian lawyer specialized in real estate, rather then a solicitor. In this case I am happy to say that I have received very good feedbacks from people who have used the services of this law firm:mail: info@luxury-law.com. TNr. : +390917486670They work in the whole Italian Country and are specialized in real estate purchases.I think the first advice is free, but it's better you contact them to know more.Hope it'll work!