Hello everyone, my family has put an

09/17/2018 - 10:46

Hello everyone, my family has put an offer on a modest little studio apartment in Scalea, Calabria. (40 sq. m). A structural engineer just conducted a survey of the property, and the report came back that the electrical and plumbing needs to be rebuilt. No specific information was provided. Overall the building was considered to be in "good condition." My question is, is it normal for a survey to be so vague? And has anyone had any experience rebuilding the plumbing/ sanitation system when buying a property? I am hoping that the system is functional, but old, so that the work can wait until we have moved to Europe to do. Can anyone give me an idea how much money it cost to "rebuild" plumbing, in their experience? As the electrical is all outside the walls, my husband thinks he can work with that, but obviously plumbing is a scary prospect!  I've already asked the estate agent for more detail, but am basically looking for any reassurance while I await his reply. Thanks!



The plumbing is probably in old metal pipes which need replacing with modern fusiotherm.  You usually pay 'per point'  so 1 point for a wc, 2 for a sink, 2 for a shower etc.  What you will need to know with a property like that is that it is connected to the main sewer,  and it could be that you wil lneed to renew the connection if the old waste is in a poor state.  Electricity works the same way - you pay per point - If its all external you save on a builder chasing out and refilling the channelling.   You will probably need a new fusebox and dedicated circuits,  but for a hosue of 40mq it wont be bank breaking.Your studio looks like a grotta/dammuso.  Is it registered as a house?  

Hi Heatherr,I live about 40 mins away from Scalea. I could go and have a look if you want.A couple of questions:Is the studio flat part of an apartment block? ie. Do you have a shared lobby/entrance/corridor?Where is studio located. Ground, top?Is it in the old town (centro storico)?Find out if there is a seperate water meter (is it on the towns mains pressure supply?)What about heating? both ambient and waterAny mention regards sewage on the report? If its old it might not be vented and you could be suseptible to odours.Surface mounted electrics sounds like its an older property so they should be able to rewire but they MAY have to use conduit, switching etc that is in keeping with the property.Any direct questions please contact me on italyprogetti@gmail.comGood luck.