My wife and I have a holiday home in

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11/04/2018 - 11:14

My wife and I have a holiday home in Calabria that came with a fair amount of land. We can’t cope with looking after the land but the it farming neighbours are interested in using a fair amount of it. We don’t want to make money out of it but would be pleased that the land was maintained and not a fire risk. Do we need to draft a written agreement to avoid any pitfalls and, if so what should it say? Thanks



We have a house with 10 acres of land which is under 'contract' with a local farmer, which we chose to do for 10 years, but it has a 1 year notice period on it.  This is to ensure that if there is any crop on the land when we give notice, the farmer has time to collect it.  We used a local 'farmers union' office to draft the contract , which was then officially registered.  You have to pay a fee for this, but the farmer paid it, not us.If you want a copy of the contract, send me a personal message with your email address and will send it to you - it is in Italian of course.