Good day all!Looking for an idea on

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01/03/2018 - 11:25

Good day all!Looking for an idea on what town is ideal for us to plan a small intimate wedding, and rent a villa? Somewhere quiet and relaxing, possibly with a vineyard and pool.  Looking for the months of June or July. Thank you in advance!



If you are fans of Montalbano places like Scicli/Noto/Siracusa in Sicily are very popular, with virtually guaranteed weather, thouhg you have already left it quite late.  You could try fiocchi di riso wedding planneron facebook, as to get married in Italy requires paperwork which you need to start now if you'replanning on June this year. 

Cortona on the Tuscany Umbrian border and which features in Frances Mayes Under the Tuscan Sun is where we did the deed 20 years ago we had a fab time, Another pretty small place wher I know Brits have got married is Montone, in Umbria. Hope you find somewhere that works for you good luck.

Our daughter was married in Siena town hall, but most of the events took place here in Catignano. They did have a small chaple at the time (2007) and another couples wedding actually took place in this whilst we were there. The place looks a lot more imposing on-line than it actually is and it does not convey the size of the place. However they can accomodate both large and smaller weddings. There are a number of other places around the same area which looked just as nice.

I’d suggest you look at Orta San Gulio [on Lake Orta, North-West of Milan].  A beautiful small lakeside town/village.  Beautiful Church and the gardens by the Comune, where they do Civil weddings, have wonderful lake views – we’ve seen several weddings there, and they look stunning in these surroundings.  In easy reach of Malpensa, Bergamo and Turin airports.  Cooler than the south of Italy, and plenty of places to rentGoogle throws up;- Guardian newspaper article 20012      Local Newsletter      Review on TripAdvisor about weddings there Also – Google  “Lake Orta Weddings” for more details on wedding planners etc Good Luck 

Have a look at Montestigliano in Tuscany. Their biggest villa ( has its own private pool and is secluded from the rest of the farm estate. There are other smaller villas which share two pools - a quiet one, and a children's one, set amongst the olive groves. Here's a link to their weddings page on their website. Luisa Donati speaks excellent English and will make sure that all the details of your special day are taken care of.  Good luck for your big occasion!

You might be able to narrow down the near-infinite options if you think about:1) Is there one airport in Italy that would be better for most of my guests to use arriving and departing from Italy?2) How is the wedding party going to get from the airport to the wedding destination?  Will they all need to take the train or are they ok with renting cars? 3) Would a fairly flat wedding venue be best because some people can't climb steep hills or many stairs?4) Will most be spending fewer than 5 days in Italy? Does it make sense to pick a venue close enough to an airport that they won't spend a whole day getting to the wedding, or needing to spend a night at the airport on their way home to catch a crack-of-dawn flight?   

Hello, in the municipality of Piegaro, I can suggest Agriturismo La Crocicchia (they have a FB Page) and Agriturismo Abbazia sette Frati : www.abbaziasettefrati-fratres.itOften guests of the weedings stay with us in our Casa Vacanze Il Piccolo Noce and they are very happy about the location and the differet possibilities.I hope it helps, ciao, Milena