HiMy aunt dies several months ago. Do

03/05/2019 - 12:18

HiMy aunt dies several months ago. Do Ihave the right to see her will. I have a query and by reading the will it will help me to understand what I should do next.Thanks



Do you mean an Italian will? An Italian will, when published, becomes a public act and visible by anyone. The succession should be started within a year of death, but nothing stops people waiting. Due to the systems of sanctions, if you dont start the succession within a year, it may be more cost effective waiting 5 years when the sanctions are no longer applicable.

Thank you. Yes it is an Italian Will. The notary who drafted the Will is no longer available and my aunt's guardian ship lawyer has managed the process so far. We have asked her if we can see the Will, however she is not replying to emails so we don't know what has happened. Who can we ask to send the will or are Wills available on a website?We think my aunt has forgotten about a piece of land which she part owned with me, my mother and brother and sister. And before we start employing a legal person to help we thought we could do some of the research ourselves to minimise cots.