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01/18/2019 - 06:42

 COMMUNAL ROOF REPAIRSHi allgreat to find this forum, enthusiastic people....I owe a small flat in an old building which is shared by several owners (some local, some not). The flats are all of different shapes and sizes. The roof needs repairing and one owner (the one who owes the largest flat) seem to think that the costs can be shared equally. But it looks like we need to calculate the TABELLE MILLESIMAL, right?I'm about to travel there in Abruzzo and will probably contact the local Geometra.But to prepare my trip, anyone can please offer some clues about the housing repair Italian law? Much appreciated



How many flats in the building? If you are over 3 (I think) you should have formed a codominium.  If so, you should each have a document which states your millesimi. Millesimi are calculated on VOLUME of your space plus things like which floor you are on. More than likely he who has the largest flat will have the most millesimi and should therefore pay the lion's share of the roof repairs. If you don't have a condo adminstrator maybe it's time to hire one. If you do have a condo administrator then they should know this and sort it out. If not, you will most likely need to consult a lawyer. 

Even if there is no condominio you shouldnt be responsible for an equal share.   Personally I doubt whether they will have formed a condominio, even though there might be the obligation to do so.   In 'informal' arrangements the people on the top floor pay more for roofs, and people on the ground floor pay more for sewage problems - and its certainly not unreasonable to say that someone whose property is much bigger than yours should pay more.  Be prepared for some tortured logic though when they rebutt your argument!  

Hi Didiman hope you are well. I live in Abruzzo and am always interested in properties, their difficulties and complications. The process of learning and experiencing is endless.Whereabouts in Abruzzo are you referring to?If you like we can communicate and exchange contact details to talk sometimes and maybe share some thoughts about the current issue. We can always become friends! Take care. Angelo

Hi AngeloThank you so much for getting in touch.My house is situated in San Buono, near Gissi, 40 km from Vasto.It would be great to keep in touch and possibly meet up when I m in Italy.My eamil address is: didierinlondon@yahoo.frLooking forward to read some news from you.Do you live in Abruzzo?CheersDidier

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Ciao Didier,thanks for the reply and sorry if I am only getting back to you now. Yes, for the moment I am based in Abruzzo, in a small town in the province of L'Aquila. I'll stay here for a long while I think.Ok, I'll send you an email to keep in touch and then we'll talk more, chat about properties etc. That topic interests me a lot, I am very much involved in it now.Take care.