Hello I'm spending the summer in

06/07/2019 - 06:39

Hello I'm spending the summer in Italy and my auntie has offered me her car to drive while I'm there. I only have a British license. Is it legal to drive another persons car?



there are no problems, however it is good, that your aunt, write a declaration, in Italian, in which she declares to have lent her car to you, for a certain period - something similar <me undersigned - name / surname, born a / il - date-, resident in xx - identity card or passport nr. xx - I declare that I have used my car for the period xx, license plate xx, my nepote name / surname - passport number - English citizen> If the Italian traffic police stop you, for a check, you you will be able to demonstrate that the car you drive has been entrusted to you by the legal owner and that it has not been stolen  angelBuone vacanze in Italia