Hi there!   I have plans

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07/20/2019 - 14:27

Hi there!   I have plans to start my own bed & breakfast in Italy.  My plan would be to find employment and relocate to Italy first, and once there, gradually execute my plans for the bed and breakfast (i.e. locate property, obtaining financing, finalizing operational logistics, etc.) In the meantime, I am trying to educate myself as much as possible, speak to whomever I can, and take whatever steps I need to in order to get the ball rolling on the business, while I am still living in the USA. I have done some pre-liminary research on my own via the web, however having someone I can speak with on a pro bono basis would be ideal and what I need at this present moment.  I am looking for someone to help guide me through this process and direct me on where I need to begin first, what I need to consider, and best plan of action to execute everything that needs to be done so that I can get this business up and running in Italy. Might anyone be able to assist me?  If not, could you refer me to someone else, or are you aware of any resources I could use for assistance/guidance?   Thanks so much!