Hey all,   Georgette here

10/11/2019 - 05:04

Hey all,   Georgette here from Italy Magazine. We are looking for your stories on how you arrived to come and live in Italy. We are starting a new series (and rather resurrecting one from the past) to sharing your unique experiences coming to Italy to stay. We're not necessarily looking only for "Under the Tuscan Sun" type situations but feel free to email my colleague Silvia at silvia@italymagazine.com with a short pitch on why your story stands out. Were you transferred here for work? Was this your dream for a number of years? Has it been overwhelmingly positive or negative. We want to hear it all. Thank you advance for sharing your Italian story. We look forward to kicking off this new series shortly! 



My wife and I have not been to Italy yet. We are coming for the first time in 2020, our flight from the US and hotels are already booked. This trip will be very special to us as it is to celebrate our 25th anniversary and is symbolic of how far we have come. When we were first married, we were young and had no money. I was 21 and a cook at a cheap restaurant, my wife was only 19 and did not work. We struggled both from financial and maturity perspectives. Now, nearly 25 years later, we have both been to college, I have completed advanced degrees, we have solid careers, and we have have raised our three children to adult hood. At the beginning of our marriage, no one thought we would last and a trip to Italy seemed an unrealistic dream, now this trip will show the dream is coming true and we are proving those who doubted us wrong.