Hi there,I am commencing the process of buying a

05/22/2020 - 00:29

Hi there,

I am commencing the process of buying a house that I have found near to Tropea in Calabria. Are there any English-speakers out there who can help with introductions to expats who have previously done the same, or recommendations for lawyers and architects.

Looking forward to joining you there!




Hi Mpatters,


I am an architect, but I work only in the north of Italy - I like Calabria, but it is too far away from me and i cannot offer to help you directly. But please drop me an email (conor@rinovaprojects.com) and I can hopefully recommend others who may be able to help.

All the best,



Hi there :-)

I've just joined the group here. 

I'm Salvatore and I'm an English teacher (I teach English at the University of Calabria in Cosenza_Calabria). I was born in Filogaso, a small village about 30 minutes drive from Tropea. I've been going there since ever (I'm 42 years old). 

I'm sure I can help you. 

You can email me at: salvoluberto@hotmail.it.

A presto

Hi Mpatters,

I have seen your message only now thanks to the recent comment posted by Salvatore Luberto. Btw, welcome Salvatore!!

I am a Real Estate English speaking lawyer based in Italy, but I believe that after more than 1 year you have already settled in Tropea. Hope so! :)

Please feel free to drop a message here or an email at info@luxury-law.com should you still need some advice, help or just someone to talk your same language ;)

Best wishes,

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