UK gas oven ?

03/19/2010 - 19:00

For the tech experts - can I use a UK gas oven in Italy attached to a supply from one of those big cylinders in the garden? I am thinking of bringing one out. In anticipation - thanks.



If you are buying a new oven, it should be supplied with an exchage injector for use with LPG G30/31. If not, a suitable injector can be purchased here. I must stress for your own safety, and the safety of your guests, that simply changing an injector does not convert the oven, there are other adjustments that must be carried out. Plus ventilation and gas pipework and fitting regulations must be adhered to which are different to the UK at the moment. Last year I was called out to a rental villa where the guests had reported smoke and fire coming from the gas oven. The oven had not been converted to run on LPG, it was belching out carbon monoxide at a rate of 4000ppm, it had set fire to the kitchen housing, it had been piped with blue rubber hose which had partialy melted where it touched the oven, no ventilation etc etc.   But to answer your question, yes a UK oven can be used here after conversion , but I recomend using a qualified plumber to do the work. Regards Steve Reg Tecnico in Italy

 We purchased a new gas cooker in the UK to bring over to our house in Italy, to run on the bombola's from outside like yourselves, and have been fine.  Just check with a  plumber what you may need to do, and you should be fine.