Ciao tutti!my husband is finally retiring so we are

09/24/2022 - 18:51

Ciao tutti!

my husband is finally retiring so we are now able to fulfill a dream and spend 3 to six months in Italy every year! Can anyone recommend a good long term rental sight? I am finding either vacation rentals, like Airbnb or annual rentals which is too much. We are open to different areas but would definitely prefer smaller towns. Thank you in advance for any suggestions! 



Ciao! I have exactly the same question/problem. Anything I can find is either holiday rentals or long term, as in permanent rental. I'm looking for properties that offer 3 months terms. If you hear of anything please let me know. Thanks

Rentals in Italy are either up to 30 days or for a year or more.  It will be very very difficult to find something in between.    Contracts must be registered at the tax office with all the associated costs, utilities put in the names of the renters, taxes paid etc.  So letting a house for 3 months isnt worth it.  You will find airbnb that you can rent for 3 separate months back to back - but obviously if you want to come in high season you will pay high season prices.  If you are in low season, make an offer.  Most owners would rather have their properties occupied than empty.