I am an American trying to get dual citizenship in

10/04/2022 - 09:15

I am an American trying to get dual citizenship in Italy. My father’s name when he was born is Antonino. In the US he used Anthony. That is my first problem. 
My second problem is my father’s birth certificate. On his birth certificate from 1903, his date of birth is listed as 6/22/1903. In the US he used 6/19/1903. Since my father is deceased, I don’t know why he did this. I was told that since he was born in his house and delivered by a midwife, the birth was probably registered 3 days later and that is why they used that date. 
Since everything has to match exactly when applying for dual citizenship, I need to know how I can remedy this. Any suggestions?



Just use what is on his Italian birth certificate as that is the official record back in Italy. It was common in rural communities to register a birth when next in town so the recorded date would be 2-3 days after the actual birth date.

Again just use his birth cert. His record will be in the comune in which he was last resident. When he left he will have remained domiciled there and his residence will have been, I guess abroad. For example my father left Italy and his last permanent commune became his domicilio. It then became my domicilio when my birth was registered to be alongside his record. I don't live in Italy so I am not residente but I have to have an Italian base as an Italian citizen hence I have a domicilio.