I am planning on buying a home in

01/24/2017 - 11:34

I am planning on buying a home in Pacentro, Abruzzo this spring. I recently read that Americans have difficulty opening bank accounts there. But I need one to pay my taxes, my electric, gas, cable, internet. Is this a fact, or is there an international bank in Sulmona I can use? Also what is the closest grocery chain where I can purchase kitty litter, cat food, etc? Thank you in advance for your answers and advice. Kate



We've heard that rumour too but not heard of anyone falling foul of it yet - it's because of the US tax law that all foreign bank accounts need to be reported. The issue is whether you can get a non-resident account. There is a small BPER bank in Pacentro itself - with a branch in Sulmona - so you could try there.  There are plenty of supermarkets that sell basic supplies in Sulmona and you can almost certainly get it at Diana's mini market in Pacentro too.  There is also a very good pet shop in Piazza Garibaldi.  Elective residency needs to be organised from the US though - not from here.  What visa are you arriving on?  Standard 90-day tourist visa?  It's all a little complicated but not impossible...

I am arriving on a standard 90 day visa. I have appointments to see houses. I will only be in Italy for a couple of weeks, then back to USA until end of May when my job contract is completed. I plan not to move completely until I organise all paperwork from here in Los Angeles. I really appreciate the info you have shared with me. I am very anxious about remaining in the USA since the lunatic has taken office of the Presidency. Hopefully this will be a smooth transition for me. Thanks again.

We finally found our dolce vita in Casoli, Abruzzo. About 45 mins to Pescara, 25 mins to the coast. I read your postings here many years ago before covid. We are also from Southern California Inland Empire. We passed by your town last fall on our way to Sulmona which is about 2 hours from Casoli. 
Thank you