No flights in Nov/Dec ,Ryanair, Stanstead to Ancona...whats going on?

05/14/2011 - 08:11

Has anyone any information re Ryanair flights between Stanstead and Ancona?. There are no listings on the site for Nov/Dec. 2011thanks A



Maybe it is just too early.  I rarely book flights way in advance but do remember winter before last wanting to  book one for last June and had to wait until within 6 months or so of the date.  I appreciate we are currently slightly less than 6 months from 1st November but I see there is nothing for 30th/31st October or January 2012 either.  Don't panic yet!!!

Abbi pazienza tutti - my contact in RYR says final schedules won't be all uploaded till end June/July. That the schedules for Perugia, Rimini and Pescara are all there now doesn't necessarily mean anything drastic will happen to the Ancona route. 

.....................are now listed. As with previous winter timetables they are dropping to 4 days a week - Sun, Mon, Wed and Fri. Some of the timings are completely different (Sun and Mon I think) so easy for a 'frequent flyer' to be caught out if they don't pay attention!