Postage to UK

05/14/2011 - 08:39

I have to return a parcel to M & S (their sizing and descriptions are not so accurate recently) and having had to do this once before found it very expensive via the Post Office.  Even splitting parcel into smaller Jiffy bags (our post office loves Jiffy bags!) which I was told was the cheapest way, made it ridiculous.  The items I need to send back only total about £45 value and I begrudge spending €20 on postage.  Parcel is quite small so not worth bothering Phil White.  Wondered if anyone had found an alterntive - courier?  Annoyingly no one visiting us within the 30 days I have to return it or would be free once back in UK!!  Thanks



You have my sympathies, as I think the postal costs here are OUTRAGEOUS. If a little Birthday card weighs over 20 grams (TWENTY GRAMS !!!), a 22 gram letter makes the cost go up from 75c to 2.40 Euros(no inbetween rates .........2.40 Euros !)..................we are stopping sending them purely out of principle, I'd rather phone even if it costs more ! S

Agree that postage costs here are crazy. Sent some documents in A4 envelope within Italy Euro 2.00.  Postage for a Amazon return, just a light pcb computer card, far more than Amazon will refund, so you have to weigh up whether to bin it, or pay the privilege this end to send it back. Angie, why not just use Skype?

For sending Birthday cards to the UK why not use MoonPig or similar site. You can personalise them and have them delivered staight to the home, for the same as UK postage....