Visit To Elba

06/03/2011 - 11:08

I am thinking about gong to Elba for 2 nights in a week or so . Can anyone advise the best area  to stay in. I am not taking the car. Would like to be in a more local area rather than touristy but with nice restaurants and bars. Any info on the island would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you



We stayed for a few days on Elba a couple of years ago and loved it. However, we took our car and were camping. I would suggest you look at the bus map on the Elba tourist site and work it out from there, I don't think that the centre of the island is well served by public transport and the buses tend to follow the coast. This means that most of the coastal towns/villages served by buses tend to be a bit touristy but if you found somewhere a bit smaller I am sure it would be a good base. The larger coastal towns ie Portoferraio, tended to attract the seriously big floating gin palace type owners where the crew had changed uniform every time we looked, so prices were, accordingly, a bit on the high side. Good luck and enjoy!