Film "Le Quattro volte"

06/07/2011 - 09:37

Went to see this movie last night in Oxford.  Probably one of the slowest films with the least happening that I have ever seen - but actually it was perfect!  Shot in Calabria - in part in Serra San Bruno - everyone will recognise a little vignette of Italian mountain village life. And I learnt a huge amount about charcoal burning!



  I really liked this film, I saw it last week at the Renoir. it is not really about people, more about life in a remote place in Calabria. You also learn (perhaps) more than you need to about goats. Dont go if you like action, there isn't any frown, also very little dialogue either so not good for practising your Italian! Salve

I too enjoyed the film, although I thought the last half hour about the charcoal burners did drag a little. Watching wood smoulder is only marginally more interesting than watching paint dry. The dog was a real star though!