Q re timing of ICI payment

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06/17/2011 - 11:08

As I am not yet residente I have always paid my ICI in one go for the full amount in December for the past 6 years. I have just been told that I should be paying half now and half in December - I have never been asked to pay any penalty for paying late and have always believed that what I was doing was allowed - can anyone confirm it is ok to still pay it all in December or is it essential to pay now? thanks   Am



I got fined for not paying on time [in June] a couple of years ago - so [like in most things Italian] it depends on your Comune. My Communes website states [please excuse the Google auto translation] "- 1st installment - Deposit: payable by 16 June.The payment must be equal to 50% of tax payable calculated on the basis of existing rates and deductions in the previous year. - 2nd installment - Balance: payable by 16 December.A balance due for the whole year dell'aliquota calculated based on current rates and deductions this year, with possible adjustment on the first installment. In any case, the taxpayer may make payment of tax in one installment to be paid by June 16." I paid mine on line this year at  http://equitaliasestri.pagonet.it/pagonet/bollettino_versamento.asp  but it doesn't cover the whole country Good Luck Alan

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I have to say that the ICI (and all taxes) should not be a problem, rules are rules. I recently received a 50euro fine for not paying my bollo (road tax) from 3 years ago. I mistakenly assumed that we had paid this when we purchased the car and paid all of our outragously high insurances. No, we had not paid it, so along with the cost of the tax for that year, we had another 50euro hit on top of it. I have no probs with the back tax, but if I had KNOWN at the time that I had to pay it, I would have paid it then.................(cost me a couple of lunches in fines !!) No onto ICI tax..............(back to the thread as some say !!) We do not pay ICI tax here because we are prima casa, our geometra and comune say that we are prima casa and should not pay it. If.....................they turn around and say (in a few years time), that we SHOULD HAVE paid it, I will be 'upset' ! K

We have always paid our ICI in one go in June and always late because we don't get to Italy before mid-July. Our commercialista, who draws up the forms so we find them waiting for us on our first day in Italy, has always said that this is not a problem and, so far, it hasn't been. We (that is, my husband who actually pays his half because he's non-resident and foreign, while I'm an Italian AIRE so don't pay my half, much to his disgust) had to pay some back-looking ICI because somehow this got overlooked at the time - I think for 2005-2007 - and I don't even think we got fined; if we did, it must have been peanuts because I can't remember and I would if it had been an eye-watering amount! We decided to get the commercialista to do this for us until we move permanently to Italy because, that way, he reminds us of deadlines and amounts - very useful. He costs us about €50 every couple of years or so when he remembers to charge us.