Central heating boilers - vents

07/29/2011 - 05:19

We are just about to replace our central heating boiler (oil fired) as currently the old one does not comply with current regulations including the fact the the door to the room where the boiler is located should have a vent in it. Does anyone know what size this vent has to be to make it legal? We are having a new door made and the man who is making it does not know what size the vent should be.



120 cm is the norm for ventilation of a room with a gas appliance - and presumably oil too. When in a wall Its just a standard bit of plastic drain pipe at floor level with a clip in mesh guard.. copper one preferably. I hope you are not buying a new oil boiler though.  These days boilers of any sort are not really needed if you have a balanced wood and solar input along with an immersion heater in (or on) your tank (preferably a heat bank) Alternatively you might consider comparing the difference in costs - including running costs - between an air source heat pump and an oil fired boiler. Plenty of data to see on Badger's posts here. Paying huge energy bills in Italy is entirely optional - you do have a choice

The boiler is oil fired.  Are you serious?   120cms is four feet!!!    This ventilation is needed in a door leading from our cantina where the boiler is situated to the outside.   The door is normal size which is approx. 90cms.  We were thinking the grille should be around 20mm x 20mm max. We are happy with our current type of fuel for heating but the current boiler is very old and not certificated.