fidoka problems in marche?

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09/27/2011 - 16:20

is anyone else using fidoka in marche having problems recently? we upgraded to 4meg service and ever since have had problems, the download speed sometimes reaches 4 but is very inconsistent - 'up and down like a brides nightie' as my other half says. When we log in to our VPN the download speed reduces to about 1/8 of what we get without it. It used to be the same streaming speed with and without the VPN before the upgrade. We are going in to see them as no one seems to be able to resolve it but can't believe we are alone in this grief, would be very interested to hear about any other users recent experiences.thanksAm



The past few days have been the same with Vodafone mobile broadband.  Normally I have no problems and can run skype, company software, e-mail etc but download has been so bad at times I can do nothing.  Just had 30 mins this morning when download back to the old HSDPA and o bps.  Was at point of giving up completely but improved a bit (obviously, I'm here!).  Hope this rubbish service doesn't last much longer or I shall have to stop work and go sit in the garden!  Sorry doesn't help your post but just in case there is some connection (no pun intended) .....................

Hi sprostoni - who is your vpn, we have been using iportal and found them to be fantastic in the past but they are baffled why we are having these problems. We were going to take the laptop into fidoka today to see if it happened there but unfortunately as we were on our way out the door discovered my dad had managed to take our car keys back to the uk with spare and skeleton was nicked with my jewellery in our burglary last month. Wont be going anywhere till Monday now...Sigh, trying times eh. Dont think I will be seeing that england/scot game this w/e after all!   edited to add - doh just seen you already told me that - will check em out, thanks, its been a long day.   Am