Have we finished ?

10/15/2011 - 09:44

Over 3 days since last post ??!!We're doomed!S


I hope this forum is still active. I find it interesting and better than those which may be more active but aren't worth reading due to being meaningless, offensive or worse.  So just to inject a bit of energy into this - Berlusconi wins confidence vote, eh? Rome burning through spread of "Occupy" movement... Vendemmia just about finished around here (NW Sardinia). Warm enough to swim here today but only foreigners from the colder climes would contemplate this. Sea an amazing deep blue and the mountains up the coast crystalline in the clear air... ahhhh. Went to a little known sacred well this afternoon. 

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Like you pamela, I hope not.  I'm in England at present and we too had demos in London today and the weather was sunny!!  Not warm enough to swim though.  Regarding winning the vote of confidence - I do not understand Italian politics.  Perhaps others can comment.

Thanks for that, I, like a LOT of others here want a successful board full of contributions and help for others (certainly for me !). Being a very positive person I'm surprised that anyone would think of me as a 'prophet of doom' !!!!!!!!! Not me...............full stop ! I have asked a lot of questions, and hopefully provided some information for others. I take a lot out of ( and I hope contribute to) this forum and will continue to shout if I feel the need to keep it going. I also understand that there will be 'quiet' periods, but I am at times stunned to see nothing mentioned at the very time when the financial and political worlds are causing so much angst to lots of people, I get surprised that there is the odd 'lull'. Is that bad ?  Onwards !!! S

Far from the Prophet of Doom, old Spros seems to have the knack of geeing the forum into action. What we need is more stimulus and less moaning minnies.... !!   cap fitting and wearing exercise....

Sorry Sprostoni, no offense meant... but every now and then you come up with the same comment. You are right, you are one of the members who contributes the most; however, just reacting to this particular post is not going to keep the community alive. Yes, I was surprised that nobody was mentioning any of the events, particularly relevant in the case of Italy, which were taking place. I was about to start some threads and then... to be perfectly honest, I am feeling a bit tired about starting threads, groups and hitting my head against a brick wall. I am still the top poster here....but I am not enjoying this "privilege". So I am sitting back and waiting for new blood (or even old blood with different names) to take over. I get easily bored nowadays.... I must be getting old.... or I find greener pastures somewhere else....