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10/18/2011 - 04:54

Could anyone explain why it is not possible to access the Northern Tuscany Group? I am supposed to be its Administrator and I have not received any information regarding this. It is possible to access some of the contents if you do a "Search" using the name of the group, and you will get information contained in the Old Forum's group, together with editorials and articles from Italy Magazine. Any clarification will be appreciated.


The Group has been deleted, by Admin so you need to contact them.....oh! silly me we don't seem to have an Admin, do we????? It looks like a few of the lesser used groups have been removed, along with the ones that contained the Pictures. Also I have noted that some of the older 'Banned' members have been taken off the register. Maybe someone has been housekeeping !!! wink

The Northern Tuscany Group was one of the most active groups here and in the Old Forum. You only have to check on the posts through the "Search" facility to verify this. On the other hand, some groups which are not particularly active are still there..... If this is "housekeeping" it is not very efficient. Is it?

If you were a Joint Admin with someone (a person who was banned) then it looks like the group has been 'cleaned up' as well. I note that a few of my old acquaintances whose names were in the members list have now been removed.

I am trying to get it reinstated as it was and it was open to anyone wanting to join in, whether you live, holiday or are interested in Northern Tuscany. So watch this space and I will post any answers that I may get from Admin. I still do not know why it was cancelled, as it appears to be active if you have a look at the list of groups available on the right hand side of the screen. You may also be interested in other groups. I am "in charge" of "Gardening" and "Il Buon Gustaio Circle" (Food, Cooking and related matters). Groups have not been very active lately and we really need participation in order to get them going. If you are interested in old posts appearing in the Northern Tuscany groups (both the one in the Old Forum and the "current" one), enter the words "Northern Tuscany" in the "search" section and you will be able to access plenty of useful information. Sorry, I can't welcome you on board at this stage and we will have to wait for Admin.

As I am not going to wait for ever and I can see that there is an interest in having a group, I have now opened "Bella Toscana" for anyone interested in Tuscany. I thought that it was better to have a single group for the whole region as many times in the past we have talked about places in the Southern end of the area. The group is open to anyone and I warmly invite those interested to join us and participate. For further information, check this: