Private long term parking Palermo airport

david and maria Image
09/24/2011 - 20:54

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ok now normal service seems to be back to normal ie ryanair flying into Palermo airport, we need to find a parking space close to the airport.We are looking for a space at a private house or villa or a safe compound or garage on a long term rental basis.Somewhere that we can easily park our car that stays in Sicily and get to the airport and pick it up when we go back to Sicily.Perhaps someone has space we could rent?Any good ideas would be appreciated


Hi, you may realize that it will be difficult to find a perfect match to your needs. I think that there will not be too many members in the area. May I suggest that you explore other alternatives, such as finding a neighbour or local friend who would be willing to drive your car to and from the airport and park it at your home? Alternatively, use public transport or taxi. Granted that this may cost you more than the airfare....