Problem with site/

10/26/2011 - 08:39

Is there a problem with the site? or is it my computer?When I click on the arrow at the bottom of the list of recent posts which is the past takes you to the next page, it opens the first post on page 1.I tried yesterday too and it was the same. I don't look at the community/forum very often and so like to look back at the recent posts, but I am limited to the first page.


There are indeed a few ongoing niggles with the site, but be careful about commenting about them, even though I am sure (as others are), that we are all trying to improve things by raising awareness of any issues ! S

I had a similar problem about a month ago, but then, it went back to normal. For this reason, I thought that it was my computer. I have also had a few instances where a response that I had written "evaporated" in the process of posting it. Also, I cannot post in the "Bella Italia" group which I started a few days ago and for which I have a confirmation stating that it had been created and I was its administrator. I had tried again two days ago, with the same results. No answer as yet from the Administration to my message regarding these problems.

I have successfully communicated with Admin and I have been assured that they are aware of all problems which are due to some technical adjustments and that they are in the process of fixing them. So be a bit patient and we will all see the light yes