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09/28/2011 - 13:51

Hi All,In the blurb that arrived with the census form it mentions the availability of a download guide in English.I've hunted through the site at http://censimentopopolazione.istat.it/ and cannot find a link.Has anyone else stumbled across it?Many thanks



hi szq (interesting lable !!)............... We also received one of these ( I hated them back in the UK every ten years as well!).........but, I too went searching on their site for some clues re directions in English, and also failed. I emailed 'them' (rightly or wrongly in English, asking about the English info that they mention) and got a standard automated reply along the lines of 'we have received your email and will deal with it soon'.................by the way in Italian. I await their response and will post when I can, S ps: the census form looks HORRENDOUS !!!

Ours has still not arrived - should it have done? If one does not turn up do you know if we are obliged to get hold of one? I too have heard its v tricky for non fluent italian speakers - I have a good friend who is fluent and offering to help people like myself complete it for a small fee - if anyone is interested pm me and I will put you in touch with him. Am

The English form and guidance notes are not yet available - assuming they will be on the 9th October when the online form is also available to complete.  It does say however that the form must be completed in Italian.  9th is census night thus details input for people in residence on that night - if not here then you will not be entered on form.  From memory I think we have until 20th November to complete the forms.  Also they are still being delivered up until 22nd October so don't worry if not yet received one.  Apparently there are 2 versions - smaller towns get the full version (red) of 84 questions but all other municipalities will have a reduced form (green) of 35 questions with just a selected sample getting the full 84 questions.  I have the full version and it doesn't look to difficult but I must confess I will be checking my understanding against the English version and guidance notes when available.

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But, the thing with these forms, whilst very tiresome, you really want to make sure that what you are WRITING DOWN (in blue or black........ not red !) is correct, if not, it may come back to haaunnnt you ! I can cope with my verbal conversation being misunderstood, but writing things down and declaring them to be correct is a little different ? S

It really isn't a big issue - apart from your name and place of birth, country of origin, and where you lived in the past (which have to be written in Italian, which means you put Gran Bretagna or Stati Uniti eg rather than England or US) all the rest is just box ticking. alanh's query is not answered in the bumf, and as soon as the helplines open I will find this information because everybody is asking about it. Could I ask Karen where she found the information that the form should be returned by Nov 20? I can't find a 'scadenza' and the 'help line' remains open until the end of Feb 2012.

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Fillide, It's GREAT to have a supportive post here on this one.............I agree that the census is not VERY onerous, but when one's italiano lingua is not too good........it's a little tiny bit scary. Re the dates that karenr mentioned, I think (THINK) that the start/end dates are on the forms ? S

Maybe you have to enter a null return, to let them know that nobody was there on that date? I haven't looked too closely at the form yet - I'm still wondering why they think they can afford to spend the money on a census at the present - even though it's a drop in the ocean it just sends the wrong message. A bit like Cameron (aka callmedave) telling the UK to tighten the belt while spending tax money on bombing Libyans.

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I had a look to see if the english language guide was up on the site, and it doesn't seem to be, yet. However, in terms of when you have to deliver your completed census form, I came across the following - clear as mud, isn't it! First inform yourself of the population of your comune.... Il termine di scadenza della consegna del questionario da parte dei cittadini sarà differente a seconda dell’ampiezza del Comune di residenza, come di seguito indicato: entro il 23 dicembre 2011: nei comuni con meno di 20.000 abitanti; entro il 31 gennaio 2012: nei comuni compresi tra 20.000 e 150.000 abitanti; entro il 29 febbraio 2012: nei comuni maggiori di 150.000 abitanti.  

so, after carefully compiling our census form I took it along to the Comune today, where I found a room (complete with beautiful historic 'quadri' created by local artists); dedicated to receiving my form, and was assisted by a charming young man who slowly and meticulously took me through the form, and explained where I had made a few errors. He also explained that; as he understood the English language to a point, that he understood also the small errors, and corrected them accordingly. The whole process was pleasant; dignified, and perfectly acceptable. Having then gone on to Lidl where most ex-pats in our area seem to congregate, I received a cellphone call from this young man, asking for clarification regarding one point in particular. Sorted, all happy, and no hassle. Works for me.

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How good is that story !! Thanks for sharing it Andrew, we tend to usually hear a lot of 'not good' stuff, in general I think people here are VERY VERY helpful, if allowed to be. S

We got our neighbour round as he is a dab hand at forms etc and over a glass or 2 of my homemade Limoncello and a few crostini, he explained exactly how to answer each question and what was the 'best' information to give.....

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Hi Mick chick I found these after some digging.  Hope they are of help.  Sorry that they don't highlight so you can just click on them (well, they don't on my screen before posting, anyway), so you may have to copy them and paste them into your browser. Short version - http://censimentopopolazione.istat.it/_res/doc/pdf/multilanguage/short/English.pdf Long version - http://censimentopopolazione.istat.it/_res/doc/pdf/multilanguage/long/English.pdf  In fact, after posting they worked ok by just clicking on the link!!!

Thank you, Getset, it has helped me to make sure that I did not need to complete the form as I am not a resident and I was not there on the 9th of October. Anyway, our lovely Italian neighbour will have taken care of everything on our behalf.... I hope. The filing on line, as suggested by Sprostoni, sounds like a great alternative.

I've mentioned before, the online version is NOT difficult, drop down multi choice answer questions, any questions that you don't understand copy and paste into google language, it will all hopefully become apparent.......give it a go !! S

If the census form has been sent to  the house owner, it must be filled in as otherwise there is a fine. The local comune will help Italian pensioners to fill in the form, so why not English. It is all very easy, until you need to translate your English degree or Higher education qualification as the subjects do not exist here! I am sure there will be no fines for mistakes, only for not filling it in, so grab your dictionaries and get filling! Good luck.

Census form filled in and handed in at the commune this morning.Much the same experience as our Andrew, designated official went through it and entered it onto the computer, the few errors that we made (it was difficult to find educational qualifications that matched the Italian system) were corrected....done and dusted.