01/04/2012 - 15:59

Does anyone know what the new EMU is that will be replacing the current ICI and how with this affect the payment of our local Italian rates? Any help appreciated?



Copied from a post Fillide made elsewhere - hope it helps. ICI (now renamed IMU) was introduced in the early nineties - before this date there were no 'rates' (aka council tax) in Italy. When these 'rates' were introduced, everbody had to pay them if they owned property. In (about) 2004 Berlusconi removed the obligation to pay 'rates - aka ICI' on your primary residence (prima casa), although the obligation remained on a secondary residence (seconda casa), If your house had a very low catastal value (rendita catastale) you were exempted, even if it was a secondary home. What has now been changed is that Monti has decided that these 'rates' will be levied on your house, whether it is your principal residence or your second home. The 'rates' will be levied according to the 'rendita catastale', but this 'base' will be upped by about 60%. So, if you are living in your 'principal residence you must 'raise' your rendita catastale by 60% (ie multiply it by 1.6). Same goes for seconda casa - multiply the rendita catastale x 1.6. In the case of a principal residence, you can then deduct something in the region of €200 from the resulting sum. For a second house you cannot benefit from this reduction. So, basically, figure on paying quite a bit more ICI (IMU) if you have a holiday house and are not resident: and be prepared to pay a substantial sum (which you had not had to pay before) on your prima casa. By 'substantial sum' I'm reckoning in the region of €600 for something quite modest - so hardly bank breaking - but a consideration. You are extremely unlikely to see a bill arriving on your doorstep! You are expected to know about this stuff!   Here are a couple of links that may also help. http://www.certificazioneenergeticaedifici.org/imu-2012/ http://www.ecodeldenaro.it/calcolo-imu-2012-online.htm

In the newspaper il sole 24 there is this useful tool to determine your new EMU. Before Xmas they had an online calculater that one could put in all your data and the result was how much more you would pay. For my 4 bed rural house without pool or garage the extra will be €380 pa. http://www.casa24.ilsole24ore.com/art/condominio/2011-12-05/calcola-nuova-abitazione-125452.php?uuid=AaBfoWRE&fromSearch Compared to the Council Tax in UK it is still very good value... I would rather pay the new EMU than go back to paying nearly £2k in UK

I shall try and track down where I saw the info but it stated that here in Abruzzo for prima casa a couple without children would pay about €134. This ties in approx with what we were paying before, x 1.6 - €200 - another €50 for children. Stribs

I know old post but can someone advise I have been told that the law changed again and a prima case doesn't pay emu tax. Can anyone tell me if this is right and is there anywhere online that you can work out what to pay if not right?  Many thanks for any help