Changing £s into Euros

01/12/2012 - 16:55

The exchange rate seems pretty good at the moment and we have booked our trips over to Italy for the year so are thinking about changing some money into euros for our visits. It has been suggested by a couple of friends that we buy euros through FX Exchange. We have never done this before so wonder if anyone has any comments or suggestions about currency exchange. I am not talking huge amounts, just holiday money plus a bit extra to put in the bank. Maralyn


...You say "trips", so guess you come over regular.... N&P took over where Nationwide left off and provide free "hole in the wall" transaction abroad. Not got one, but if the rate is anything like the Nationwide it is well worth it. If we were not living here now we would be getting one....

Some of the more well known currency exchange companies pay traders commission.Try this company Smart Currency Exchange, you will get a better rate,(traders paid no commission) To check the daily rate of exchange, use Currency News,this site is constantly updated every few minutes throughout the day.

If you are only changing a small amount why not use the PO or M&S in the uk. you may also be able to change sterling in your local bank here, I have written out uk cheques and my local bank has put it in my account. A friend of ours changed £1000 cash here this week in her bank and got €1.19 Stribs

Thank you for your suggestions.  I am coming over three times during the year for a total of 7 weeks but Ron, my husband, will be staying at the house longer than me to do some work on the house and land. I cannot wait to come over but it won't be until May due to work commitments. We don't have central heating in the house so it was no pleasure being in the house a couple of years ago during the winter. It was warmer outside - minus 4C inside! One day we will get it installed but meanwhile I tell people we can't be at our house due to lack of flights from Newcastle to Rome during the winter, not that I am a wimp! Maralyn