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02/05/2012 - 10:27

We moved into our house in the Val di Vara in November. We signed a contract with Vodafone for 'ADSL tutto flat' which is for local & international calls and Broadband. It is now Feb 5 th and they have still not connected us! We have been onto their help line and have been 4 times to the Vodafone shop where we took out the contract but nobody seems to be able to give us an explanation for the delay. It is not a case of me not understanding as my Italian is good. Has anyone had any similar problems with Vodafone. I am starting to get VERY angry!


As Penny says, this is a contract which expects you to have a landline. However, Vodafone give (maybe rent for a small sum, can't remember) you a Vodafone station - a proprietary wireless modem router into which you plug the supplied dongle with SIM, and presupposing you have cell Vod coverage it works without a landline. If you have not received this bit of kit it sounds as if there is something wrong with the contract. Try registering on the Vod site www.190.it or speak directly with them by dialling 190 rather then going through 'the shop'.

If you have the kit then it sounds as if the Vod contract is okay - and it's probably down to liaison between TI and Vod. Do try ringing 190, they seem to be quite helpful once you get through the automated button pushing bit, and I've always found them willing to pursue a difficult query up to a person who can actually assist.   Ring them from your mobile, they prefer this and the call is free certainly if you're in a place with Vod coverage and I think free even if on Tim or something else. Have you tried (when you are somewhere in a place where there is a Vod signal) simply using the Vod station dongle on a laptop? It'd be interesting to see if that works (if it does it will be free) and if it doesn't it means they haven't 'authorised' the SIM.

Have accessed their help line va their 800 number as we don't get Vod signal up here. They just keep telling me that there is a problem activating the line. I will have a go at using the dongle on my notebook next time were out and about and can get a signal.