Removal companies

02/21/2012 - 05:36

We plan to move out to Le Marche from the North West of England in the early summer. We wonder if any posters could recommend a reliable removal company? Many thanks in advance.



Hi Isca How exciting! We have used Euromanandvan several times for loads to Northern Tuscany but I know they collect all over England and deliver all over Italy. Not sure how big a van you will need but worth giving them a call.Just gooogle the name. Wishing you all the best with your move and new life in Italy. Fabbriche  

... wise of you to ask.  We used a big company (beginning with a letter at the front of the alphabet) and they gave an estimate based on the size of our flat... didn't come round for a look. Only after they had taken all our kit away did they add on a huge amount for extra space needed... there was virtually no furniture involved.  After waiting for weeks if not months for the kit to arrive we were told they had to wait for other orders to make up the truckload. Then they asked if there was reasonable access to the house ... just to make sure there was no quibble we spent €5,000 concreting the drive. Then late one night a huge truck arrives that looks like an ocean liner with lights all down the side... no way it would go through the gate and it had to drive away for 12kM just to find somewhere to turn round. It was finally transhipped from the road to our house at our expense. I now use Bearsbys. Helpful, flexible etc.. based in Kent.

For goodness sake make sure they know what access requirements are, and that they will take some notice.We have had the ocean liners arrive as previously mentioned and looking puzzled when it wont go down our single track concrete road . 

Thanks to all for these helpful replies - I certainly wouldn't have considered that the vehicle that turned up might be that big!  A friend mentioned Euromanandvan but I didn't realise they did removals, I thought it was just smaller deliveries of goods - so will have a look at them.