becoming 'il padrino'

02/25/2012 - 21:12

Hello all, as always appreciate your help and adviceI am english, my wife is italian, we have bought a peopery in le marche and go as often as we can.However, my problem at the moment is not property or law etc, but more of a cultural niece has asked me to be godfather to her new baby. Great privilege...but any help or heads up would be appreciated as to what is involved in the babtism ceremony, and more importantly what would you suggest as an ideal present to buy? Of course I know the family etc, but is there something that's more traditional or perhaps modern that I should do....? Thanks in advance.....ceremony will probably by april-may.



Congratulations on being chosen as a godfather for your niece's child. It shows that the family loves and trusts you. A godfather, together with the godmother are the sponsors of the child during the ceremony and act on his/her behalf. They are also supposed to assist the parents in the child's Christian upbringing (although this seems not to be a priority nowadays). The godparents hold a position of prestige in the family and you may be consulted whenever decisions have to be made concerning the child. Here you have the Baptism liturgy in Italian, your wife will be able to help you to understand the details: Regarding a suitable present, a gold chain and cross or medal, with the name of the child and the Christening date engraved is the traditional one.