ciao ragazzi!

03/05/2012 - 13:00

Hello everyone.I'm a twenty-something from London and I love Italy. I've only been to Tuscany so far, so my knowledge of everything Italian is quite limited. I hope I can find out some interesting tidbits before I go on my next trip South. My Italian is is also sadly limited. I should really get to a language course some time. Any pointers would be great. :)


There are tons of opportunities for learning Italian in London, from local authority classes to one-day workshops and meet-up groups for speaking Italian and meeting people who are mad about Italy and Italian. Starting a class at this point in the academic year might be more difficult, but the City Lit and the Italian Cultural Institute are a good starting point. Then if you want to work on your own, the BBC website has lots of good stuff. Here's a starting point but you should also look at La Mappa Misteriosa which is a lovely interactive video course for beginners. The link will take you to a specific clip and you can find your way around after that. Finally, have a look at what I offer. On my Facebook page and via Twitter I give tips on learning Italian and information about Italy too, on occasion, that you might find useful. Italy and Italian really gets into people's hearts, and I'm sure you'll have great experiences as you get to know the country, its people, culture and language. People here will give you lots of good information too, so just ask. Have fun! Find me on Facebook: Susan Girelli Hill Tweet me @SGirelliHill