Ryanair - Liverpool to Rimini Flights

03/07/2012 - 17:37

HiI've just heard that Ryanair have cancelled all flights from Liverpool to Rimini. Does anyone know what's happened or is it just a case another Ryanair conundrum? The flights were always full when we have flown.Pete



"Anything that keeps the 'Scallies' out of Italy can't be all that bad.." So wont you be in Italy for much longer then Flip?  wink

All those car stereos and alloy wheels will be safe on the Adriatic and Lazio; ...... but how will I get my drive tarmaced....!!devil

On another forum about aviation in the North West someone posted that 6 destinations were being dropped from Liverpool - including Milan Bergamo in addition to Rimini and Rome Ciampino.  No-one seems to know why but suggestions are that Ryanair may be expanding operations at other airports eg Manchester or just consolidating.  Perhaps Easyjet or someone else will take over some of the routes?

  Ryanair have issued the following statement:     “As the UK government has increased Air Passenger Duty yet again Ryanair has been forced to close Liverpool routes to/from Almeria, Milan, Rimini and Rome, from April, and to reduce frequencies on a number of other routes.  UK APD is now the highest passenger tax in Europe, making the UK significantly uncompetitive with other EU countries which have axed taxes and reduced access costs to promote tourism and jobs.    Ryanair will continue to work closely with the management of Liverpool airport to lessen the impact of APD to Liverpool traffic, tourism and jobs and Ryanair will continue to operate 33 routes to/from Liverpool this summer which will deliver over 1.7m passengers pa and sustain over 1,700 “on-site” jobs at Liverpool airport.  Passengers affected by flight cancelations have already been contacted by Ryanair and offered a refund or free move to another flight.”

I am grateful that Ryanair are still operating flights to Bari/Brisndisi. They go from Stansted, which isn't at all convenient for us in S Yorkshire, and it means staying overnight at either the UK or the Italian end, but the alternatives are just too expensive and inconvenient to contemplate.  But if we ever want to take the dog out with us we will have to contemplate them, as Ryanair don't take animals. They do treat their human passengers like animals though...