Marche Healthcover update

03/14/2012 - 11:49

I finally got my inscription into the Italian health service on an indeterminate basis yesterday - hoorah!I would love to say it is because of something I said or some hassling I did but it is not. Amandola (and various other comunes) are now under Fermo health authority and the particular person who was cauing us problems is now not relevant. The woman in the ASL office in Amandola hospital did say however that it may not remain like this so I recommend any of you who got turned down to hotfoot it to Amandola hospital and get you inscription quickly before it changes. Don't worry if you renewal date isn't due, she very kindly seems to be doing it anyway.I also noted something else which is that if you have kids under 6 and used to qualify for free prescriptions/hospital appointments for them you now need to get a certificate from the cash office there and show it to your pediatria so that they put exemption code E01 on your prescription otherwise you will have to pay.Of course you are supposed to know this by the wonderful Italian system of osmosis!



Penny I am so happy to hear this news, especially that a certain person you were dealing with is now "irrelevant"!  This was really a disgraceful ignorance of the rights of EC citizens. Hope you and family are well - all the best. Charlotte

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Thanks very much Charlotte. Clombardelli - I have written a huge amount about this on this forum. I believe the Marche Healthcare Group is visible to anyone. It is all in there but also on many public posts. Do a search and I'm sure you'll find all the details. If not, feel free to PM me.

My husband and I have residency, but two years ago when it was granted we were told by the commune that we had to pay for private health insurance, which we duly did.  When our renewal for our health insurance came up last year, we were advised to notify the commune that we had renewed or they could 'suspend' our residency.  So after renewing, we showed the paperwork to the commune, who said - why are you paying for this - you are entitled to the Italian health service  - but we don't know the process that we need to do to sort this out, and threfore to stop paying for private health insurance.  So - Penny if you could just lay it out for us, that would be great.  By the way we are not in Amandola - but near Tolentino.