New facebook page

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03/14/2012 - 13:14

A page where Expats living in Europe can share their thoughts and experiences, advertise their services and connect with others.


there is a "huge" group on it in italy called italian reflections (there must be a hundred or more on it) but that is not the issue (i think) despite being "in it" i can't say that i like it (facebook that is) it's very invasive tends constantly to self gratification (try going against the grain!) for all it's defects at least in here (italymag) one can choose as to whether to open it, take a look,comment,leave and...dare one say it disagree! whereas with facebook you get whatever people have in their head when theywake up in the morning thrown in yer face (facebook?) like a constant torrent, something someone found in the net,their cats, the music they once liked,where they are now,where they went yesterday,last nights party and so it goes on..personally i prefer  sites like this and others which permit greater reflection and comment..anyway was a thought...buti suspect i'm a minority opinion nowadays.

I agree, facebook isn't for everyone. However, the page was created to offer European expats the chance to share and connect with each other, offer general advice on starting life in a new country, and to also give people a free place to advertise their own services. Many of the expat forum sites don't allow advertisement unless you are willing to pay a premium membership. Facebook is an entirely free networking site, which allows members the opportunity to partake in discussions and share information, without the limitations that some sites have. With privacy settings and responsible monitoring the page should provide people with a useful resource. I would hope that anyone contributing to the page would do so in a positive and respectful way. If you are not familiar with facebook pages, you may be interested to know that you don't have to be a member of facebook to access the page, to read general comments, advertisements, etc. (However, you would need to 'like' the page in order to contribute). I personally think Italymag is one of the best sites I have seen, but I'm yet to find a similar site for Europe. After relocating abroad myself last year I have found some advice on these sites extremely useful. I hope that the new facebook page will be an additional helpful resource to others.