Washing machine repair....

03/19/2012 - 12:39

Can anyone recommend someone in the Sarnano, Gualdo, Fallerone area who could repair a washing machine ?


My gawd........... 6 months ago, we had a problem with our dishwasher, called someone out, they 'fixed', went away and it worked (it cost 220Euro for a new circuit board). 4 months ago, another problem..............called him out again, (the original fix had a 2 yr guarantee).......this time problem with a plastic 'thingy'................he 'fixed' it, we paid 110 Euro and it worked. 2 months ago, another problem..............called him again (the original two fixes were in guarantee period !), this time problem with the pump, pump replaced , paid 130 Euro and it worked. So now, 460 Euros later........................we have ANOTHER problem..................it seems like a 'programme' related problem.............very intermittent..................should we bin it ?? S

A miele? at twice the price of everythign else.  They all have programmed obsolescence.  M advice is buy cheap  - 149 euros - use t for 3 years and get another.   Avoid electronic smart machines, get one with a clockwork dial and you'll be fine - it las at least 5 years. 

Absolutely agree with Ram - we bought our washing machine for just over 100E - that was nearly 10 years ago, it has dealt with regular washing for a family of 4 and is still going strong so  when it does finally give up the ghost, we would definitely do the same again! Not sure if you can find dishwashers as cheaply but if they are around, I would certainly never rule out getting one.

Just a thought, if v slow to fill do check the filter in the inlet pipe. They can get blocked, particularly if you have a pozzo! Mine is a cheap co-op one - just fine, particularly as the latest model does not set off across the kitchen floor on its own.

Just a thought; offer leaflet arrived today from MediaWorld; they have Indesit front loader washing machines on offer @ €199. Offer runs from 12-29 April. There's a Mediaworld at Val Vibrata at the Shopping Centre. This is the next autostrada exit after San Benedetto going south. The shopping complex is next to the autostrada exit.

thanks for that Andrew.  However, it is a bit of a long way to go, so ended up getting one for 229 from Euronics nearby, not an Indesit but a Beko, the cheapest they had.  Now listening to the gentle hum of a functioning machine...music to my ears !

Neighbours machine had stopped working too! Got Fabriziano (elecrical shop, Sarnano) to take a look...50 euro's later and a new part and all is well again.... Maybe the first port of call ?

Many of the machines available under different brand names in the uK use the same parts and one company is responsible for "servicing" about 80% of the brands. This company is useless and you can wait up to 3 weeks for a fridge to be repaired. (Major name expensive fridge third time it broke).   So I agree, therre is no value in buying "quality" names as the after sales service in my experience is pathetic.