cadastral re-evaluation

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04/11/2012 - 14:23

Just in the process of getting to grips with the new IMU tax, with the help of a very good site at the local comune, but it seems that the base figure of my cadastral value has gone uo by about 20%. I had a slight upward revision in 2006 when the renovations were finished, but I just wonder whether anyone can confirm the rough date of this latest hike. And point me in the direction of a site that works which provides accurate information on valuations.Another slight issue will be how to find out if, and by how much, the comune will uplift the final figure applied to the calculation. And of course, any advice on how to pay this would also be greatly appreciated. Hopefully the Agenzia Entrata will get something on line soon.Many thanks from a keen tax-payer!!



You can find out your cadastral value here: You will need the parcel number(s) of your property and your codice fiscale. The IMU will take this figure and revalue it upwards by 5% then multiply the result by 160. This is the figure the tax will be based on. You will need to pay either .4% or .76% (plus the comune uplift) of this figure. There are reductions if you live in the property. As to what each comune will set the uplift at is still unknown in most cases. I read recently that the due date of June might change as the comunes have not all set the uplift and there is no payment mechanism in place yet. We'll just have to see. At one point I read that it will be paid via the tax return but I don't know if anyone knows yet for sure. You are unlikely to get a bill though!

Generally, your comune will publish their decision on the website.  As we do not live in Bagni permanently, sometimes it is a problem to pay at the local Post Office. We arranged with Council to be able to make an electronic transfer to their bank account and to send them a copy of the transfer together with property details and our names to enable them to identify the transfer. 

Thanks for the quick replies. i think I understand how to calculate the required amount (to be fair to my comune, its website does it all for me), but can I be fairly confident that the recent cadastral re-evaluation will stay for at least a few years, or even up to December when the final uplifting factor is applied? Or do I have to visit the website that Penny so kindly provided twice a year? I know it's not the Italian way, but would it be so hard to drop one a line saying "Happy Christmas. By the way, your cadastral rating's gone up by xxxx amount." After all, it's not as if they don't know where the houses are, is it?

A simple standard letter would indeed be good, butit is not the Comune's job to collect taxes, it is however our job to pay them ...............indecision I must look at Penny's website (thanks Penny).............I read also that there is some sort of 200 euro amount that you subtract once you have worked out the total ? ! S

Your catastal value will go up by 60% this year, ie on top of the 5% already built in.  Comunes are not responsible for the catastal value, and can send bills for imposte (like TARSU) but not taxes (like ICI) which you have to calculate.  This is why IMU will no longer include TARSU as the two figures are incompatible.    Your revision in 2006 was because your property had changed with the renovations.  if it doesnt change again then the catastal value will not change unless there is a change in the overall system.  It will however, in the years to come, change to being calculated on square metres instead of catastal rooms. 

Thanks for the info., Ram. I have a certificate from the Agenzia Entrata, dated 04/04/2012, stating the value in question, which as I mentioned, is roughly 20-25% higher that the post-renovation amount. I did go to the site recommended by Penny, but it said they had no information in their archive. Good old Terni!! I understand the 5% uplift, and the rest of the applicable factors. Do you mean that between now and June, when the first instalment is due, this figure will be uplifted by a further 60%? And with another 5% etc. on top? Eeeek! Is there a timescale for moving from potential rental rooms to square metreage for future calculations that you are aware of? Thanks again.

My comune also has a calculation tool on its website, although it's charmingly coy about how to pay the amount it generates. I suppose what I'm really looking for is reassurance that the figure provided by the Agenzia Entrata a week ago is both accurate and not likely to change. Applying their figure produces an amount due roughly half as much again as last year's Ici, which is pretty much what I was expecting.

About rejigging it all again - from catastal values that take into account the mq, the date of build, and location - to scrapping this years IMU.   WHy cant they, just once, do what they say they're going to do - or not - without this endless dicking around.  Lordy.