Dog Walk

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06/10/2012 - 07:11

Hi, firstly I'm not asking this question blind, I have checked the previous posts :-) I have 3 large dog, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Hungarian Vizla & Chocolate Labrador. Are there any members around the Montegiorgio area that could perhaps suggest areas for long loose walks for our dogs? Even walking down to the village seems to be a task with loose dogs wandering around:-) Quite happy to pop them in the car for nice walks...


Hunting season from beginning of Sept to Feb/March. "Rats" is just my name for the dogs, as most are handbag size!! Prefer larger breeds. Saying that, we found a English Setter, which had run away from the hunters. Thought initially that it was a puppy, but it was 6 yrs old, underfed, teeth worn from trying to bite through its' wire cage. 19kg when we found him (by the Lake), now 26kg.

You know, after I replied, I felt quite silly, thought it would be something like a Jack Russell, we too call small dogs Rats!!!! Bless, you must of been horrified! I guess you took him home with you then? That's the only problem being a dog lover in Italy, you just want to take them all home with you :-( Anyway, thanks for the reply & I'll try not to take any rats home :-))))

You will probably be ok around the Lago San Ruffino tracks, but go from the Scheggia/Friano end. There are people who exersize their dogs there, but as long as yours are not aggressive, then there should not be a problem. When the hunting seaon begins though, the hunters "rats" will be free down there and may get a little annoying, although saying that they soon called them back when confronted with a Marremano, so the Ridgeback will help as well!!!

Am I right in thinking Badger hunting season Nov to Feb, inclusive?...... Viking you live near to us but as we have 5 cats the dog walking issue is not a problem, however the hunters are no respectors of land or the rules "governing" safe distances to shoot. It would be a good idea to go to the comune in Montegiorgio and ask when the hunting days are.They vary from comune to comune.